Marine vessels require regular inspections & maintenance. Accidents can happen in bad weather or at unknown UW hazards. VE&DS offers a wide range of underwater and topside services for marine vessels.  For local Project Support or Environmental Impact Assessment needs for your vessel work project, please see the relevant section.

Among the scope of work for this service :-

  • Surface and Underwater Millwright Maintenance and Repair
  • Surface and Underwater Live, Narrated, Colour Video Inspections with Surface Colour Monitor & Recording Equipment. Presentation Editing and Titled (Freeze Frame Copying Available)
  • Bridge and Dam Inspections
  • Hydro Electric Generating Station Inspection and Maintenance
  • Underwater Construction
  • Trash Rack Inspection, Cleaning and Replacement
  • Coffer Dam Installation and Removal
  • Submarine Cable Installation, Locating and Inspection
  • Pipe Line Locating, Installations and Inspections
  • Dockside Underwater Removal and Replacement Propellers, Shafts, Struts and Rudders with Hydraulic “Port a Power” Equipment, Underwater BOAT HULL Repairs
  • KLEIN Side Scan Sonar Surveying
  • TRIMBLE & GARMIN Differential Global System Positioning, Sub Meter Accuracy
  • Insurance Surface and Underwater Damage Video Assessments
  • Licenced Marine Archaeology Exploration Surveying and Documentation