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Skills in almost all aspects of web promotion, Android App development, online company branding, software development & testing. It is a long established fact that a reader . Expertise in the area of in-house application design.

  • Fabrication expansion joint for post and dust valve
  • Fabicate intermiade piece for part machine production flow

Custom made flange.

  • To fabicate and custom built up stainless steel cabinet with compartment as per drawing from customer
  • To machinery and built up new shaft and gear 
  • To machinery new ring , coupling and sleeve
  • To machinery and built up coupling hub

  • To Services & fabricate pipe spool

  • To repair & fabricate Multi Stage Pump

  • To fabricate appropriate compressor skid to accommodates all equipment
  • Positioning and install air compressor, air dryer and air receiver tank


  • To Refurbish and servicing chiller


  • To Supply manpower, material & machinery to fabricate cooler